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Our Scuba Sales Team


Ron Ron

Rank: USCG Boat Captain 100T, PADI Course Director, SDI Instructor Trainer, TDI Instructor, DAN Instructor, UICC46 LA County Instructor, Shop Staff: Full-Time, Equipment Sales / Gear Guru,
Qualified to Teach: Nitrox, Deep, Night, Search & Recovery, Wreck, Rescue, Instructor and Open Water Divers
Student Certification Count: 2800+
Bio: I grew up and started diving here in Los Angeles when I was a youngster and here I am, running a dive shop for 20yrs. But after diving throughout the years I began to notice a change in the local eco-system. Less fish at our local reefs, no more Otters, no more Abalone, less Giant Sea Bass and an unbalanced Kelp-Forests due to warming waters. Fueled by my love of diving and concern for our reefs I started volunteering in the Kelp restoration projects and teaching ecological courses. Now Eco Dive Center is our new home, the first solar powered dive shop with the best eco-minded dive team. I've taught diving all over the world and I have never seen such a fun group of energetic, strict on safety and dedicated teammates. Here at Eco Dive you'll see a difference, we teach because we love it, we sell the same gear we dive with. We talk like we walk.
My Dive Gear: Atomic Regs, Aqualung Dimension BCD, Atomic Cobalt computer and fins, ScubaPro drysuit

Beth Beth

Rank: USCG Boat Captain 100T, SDI Instructor Trainer, Emergency First Response Instructor, Technical Diver, DAN Instructor, PADI Master Instructor, Technical Diving Instructor, Shop Staff: Full-Time, Equipment Sales / Gear Guru,
Qualified to Teach: Instructor for 18 different specialties, Beginners, Advanced, Rescue, Divemaster and Instructors
Student Certification Count: 1800+
Bio: There are three things I love most about diving. Teaching swimming, snorkeling and bubble making to the community's young future divers lets me share my passions with our next generation. I also enjoy traveling & diving the world, I've been to amazing reefs like Australia's Great Barrier Reef, Cancun & Cozumel, Thailands Similan Islands, Fiji, Costa Rica and the famous Galapagoes... but our SoCal Islands are still my favorite. Our waters have the some of the most biodiversity in the world & that gives me lots to teach. We opened Eco Dive Center in 2005 with an awesome mission of Exploration, Conservation and Education. Our instructors are hand picked and are considered the best, just read our reviews. Our in-store credo is to gear people up the first time, the right time. Come meet us all:)
My Dive Gear: Mares fins and mask, OMS BCD and harness, BARE Wetsuits, drysuit and boots, Apeks Regulators

Jason Jason

Rank: SDI Instructor, Emergency First Response Instructor, PADI Master Instructor, Shop Staff: Beach Clean Up Captain, Sales Manager, Full-Time, Equipment Sales / Gear Guru,
Qualified to Teach: Beginner, Advanced, Rescue, Divemaster, Shark Conservation Diving & Research Diver Certification
Student Certification Count: 489
Bio: At the age of 10 I attended CIMI - Catalina Marine Institute and I instantly knew that I wanted to dedicate my life to all things ocean. Started out free diving and eventually moved to scuba. It has been downhill from there. I have dove all over the world my favorites being Western Australia (Wobbegong Sharks!) and the Kelp Forests here in California. I specialize in fish identification and marine life. I am particularly interested in sharks. I love diving with them and educating people on how to protect them. I have a distinctive specialty in Shark Conservation Diving. My goal is to get my students as excited about the ocean and diving as I am.
My Dive Gear: ScubaPro Knight Hawk BCD, ScubaPro regulators, Atomic Cobalt Dive Computer, ScubaPro Nova Scotia Semi Dry Suit.… I'll help you choose the right stuff.

Shannon Shannon

Rank: PADI Instructor, Emergency First Response Instructor, Shop Staff: Dive Club President, Sales Manager, Full-Time, Equipment Sales / Gear Guru,
Bio: Growing up in Missouri, I always found the ocean fascinating. I went to college for biology, planning to pursue a career in marine ecology research. I graduated with a BA from DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana, getting my Open Water certification my sophomore year on a trip to Cozumel. I dove when I could during the summers while I was traveling, and moved out to LA three months later to be closer to the ocean and other divers (hard to come by those in Missouri). I plan to go to graduate school for a master's degree in marine ecology, and hope to eventually have a career in ecology research related to climate change. I have a passion for conservation and ecological awareness, which are two very important ideals for divers to learn. Come to Eco and let us teach you!

Dylan Dylan

Rank: PADI Instructor Trainer, SDI Instructor Trainer, Emergency First Response Instructor, Shop Staff: Sales Manager, Full-Time, Equipment Sales / Gear Guru,
Qualified to Teach: Beginners, advanced, rescue divers and professionals
Student Certification Count: 379
Bio: My life begins in the water. My parents threw me in the water and I was swimming before I could walk. Growing up in Southern California, I've been in, on or around the water and the great outdoors my entire life. Boating, Mountaineering, Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, Surfing and bugging my parents to let me get certified for SCUBA since I watched my first Sea Hunt episode. When I was thirteen, I became a certified diver and haven't stopped diving since. Actually, I can't remember the last time any of my dive gear was dry. I love our oceans and the amazing diverse aquatic life that dwells off the pacific coast. My love for teaching goes beyond just introducing my students to the amazing underwater world, but passing on my love for diving and the need for conservation of our oceans so future generations can enjoy them too.
My Dive Gear: My Gear: Atomic, Scubapro, Zeagle, Subgravity, Shearwater, BARE, Xcel, Hollis, DiveRite, OMS, LavaCore, Pelican, GoPro, Princeton Tec, Underwater Kinetics and Light Monkey

Autumn Autumn

Shop Staff: Full-Time, Equipment Sales / Gear Guru,
Bio: Growing up on the West Coast of Canada, water has always been a part of my life, from swimming to kayaking to wakeboarding. However, it wasn’t until a few years ago that I started scuba diving. As soon as I got certified in Belize on a special birthday trip - I was hooked and never looked back!!!! I came back to LA and got immersed in the dive community here. Mentored through Jason, Dylan, Tim and Ron I continued my PADI dive education and now look forward to spreading my diving excitement onto customers. For me diving and showing gear is more than sales and modeling, but exploring an exciting foreign world of water and the opportunity to find a calming sense of peace under the sea. The life renewing energy found in the water and passion for environmental awareness/protection are some of my favourite things to get other divers excited about.
My Dive Gear: ScubaPro Lady Hawk BCD; Atomic regulators; Zoop dive computer; variety of brands and styles of wetsuits and a ScubaPro Drysuit… Come into Eco and will find the right stuff for you!!!

Ayden Ayden

Rank: PADI Certified Assistant Instructor, Emergency First Response Instructor, Shop Staff: Part-Time, Equipment Sales / Gear Guru,
Bio: Ever since I was a kid I knew two things; I wanted to be in the animal science field and I wanted to learn to dive. It wasn’t until 2011 that the latter was realized by happenstance while I was on location filming in The Philippines and being OW certified was actually a requirement for the cast! Cebu is arguably one of the most beautiful places to dive in the world and I was absolutely spoiled by the warm, crystal clear waters and diverse marine life; it was there that I received my first certification. Since then I have been able to dive in some truly beautiful places with no two being the same. From the frigid Atlantic and the tumultuous coastline of Portugal, the Mediterranean part of Spain, The Canary Islands, the biodiverse reefs of Cozumel in Mexico, Aruba and Belize in the beautiful Caribbean and of course back home to The Pacific where Catalina Island is a favorite - just to name a few! For the past couple years I have been able to combine my passion and education in Mammalogy with diving by working in marine conservation and scientific research with various organizations around the globe including the California Science Center - who has worked tirelessly with the kelp restoration efforts. My passion is whale shark conservation so I am very excited to be joining the Eco Dive Center and work along side some of the best conservationists and eco-minded divers in California!

Tim Tim

Rank: PADI Instructor Trainer, SDI Instructor Trainer, Travel Agent, Emergency First Response Instructor, Shop Staff: Team Captain, Equipment Sales / Gear Guru,
Qualified to Teach: All the core PADI classes and some additional specialties like, Nitrox and Photo. Fluent in Mandarin
Student Certification Count: 900+
Bio: Growing up on a tiny island in Southeast Asia, it is ironic that I was an aquaphobe till my early twenties. Refusing to give in to my irrational fear of the water, I decided the best course of action was to do something extreme. During summer break in 1999, I traveled to a tiny island in Malaysia, and got certified as an Open Water Diver. Since then, it has been an amazing odyssey which has brought me diving all over the world. Now I want to share my love of the underwater realm with students eager to jump into the water and explore. Few things can compare to the satisfaction of seeing a wide eyed student brimming from ear to ear after their first encounter with a playful sealion. I love all types of diving; wreck diving in Florida and in San Diego, Drift diving down the Colorado and in Cancun, muck diving in Redondo Beach and Lembeh Straits, wall diving in Roatan and in Sipadan, and of course reef diving in Catalina and in the Great Barrier Reef. But one of my favorite types of diving is swimming thru the kelp forests off our California coast. It is like a magical hike through an enchanted Redwood forest with the sun beams shining through between the trees…only underwater!
My Dive Gear: My Gear: Only the best gear for me! ScubaPro Uwatec dive computer with wireless transmitter, Scubapro Seahawk BCD, Scubapro S600 MK25 Regulator, Scubapro Nova Scotia semi dry wetsuit and Scubapro Everdry Neoprene drysuit. Also, Hollis Bat Fins. Canon G10 camera with Canon Underwater Housing and Sea&Sea YS01 strobe.

Kendra Kendra

Rank: PADI Divemaster, SDI Certified Assistant Instructor,
Bio: I began diving in 1989 in the dark cold waters of Whittier, Alaska and while that slowed me down temporarily, a move to California reignited my love for diving. I love to travel and one of my goals is to explore the world both above and below the water although California still ranks as my favorite dive location. The kelp forests are amazing and I can think of no better way to pass an hour than laying on the sand watching a sea-lion chase fish. My favorite dive though so far was off Aliwal Shoals, S.Africa diving the Produce wreck and listening to humpback whales singing underwater. The effect was as if the wreck was haunted. While there I took a specialty course in Shark diving that has lead me to appreciate sharks even more and try to spread the word on fact and fiction regarding them. I am very excited to be working in diving again and can't wait to share the experience with others! My Gear: Waterproof wetsuit, ScubaPro and Atomic